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When employees and leaders are motivated, engaged, and aligned, they are more likely to achieve their mission objectives, and their clients and customers are more likely to get what they want and need.

Human Emergence Group’s signature programs:

  • Have been developed, refined, and proven over three decades of service
  • Adhere to the 80/20 rule: maximum results for minimum time and investment.
  • Use outcome-focused processes.
  • Recognize that there are rarely simple, one-step solutions and that working through a strategic partnership allows optimal development each step of the way.
  • Aim to be focused, understanding, and honest.
  • Operate with mutuality with our partner-clients.


The Wright Transformational Leadership program empowers leaders to inspire, influence, and develop the potential of each individual they lead in the service of personal and corporate purposes and objectives.

This program cultivates principles of personal responsibility and authenticity as it enables leaders to develop the skills to maximize the synergy, cooperation, and creativity of their leadership teams.

Developing social and emotional intelligence skills – using the Wright Developmental model – provides depth to the leadership development work.


Competency consulting seeks to determine what differentiates high performers from average performers- specifically, high performers in the ideal state. Therefore, competency consulting is aimed at organizations that are looking to achieve their ideal state. HEG’s coaches and consultants represent an unmatchable set of skills and experience, with backgrounds ranging from corporate executives to entrepreneurs to subject-matter experts.

Role-Based Competency Development & Implementation

HEG’s competency development & implementation can be tailored to specific job roles, such as sales or marketing or leadership, or it may be used for company-wide application. The latter is useful for organizations that want every employee to possess certain behavioral competencies, regardless of role or function. This more cost-effective option might miss certain competencies that are crucial to specific roles. However, it can be greatly beneficial to those organizations most interested in creating and/or strengthening their company culture.

Role-Based Competency Development & Implementation:                                     

Position (sales, marketing, customer service, engineering etc.)
Company-Wide (all employees)     

Talent Management Competency Development & Implementation

HEG also specializes in competency development & implementation based on certain stages of organizational operations. Hiring, for example, continues to be a major challenge for many organizations. The biggest issue for many, if not most, organizations is hiring the right people, especially when considering that the cost of hiring the wrong people can be as high as an employee’s annual salary. Therefore, taking the time to hire the right person is one of the best investments a company can make. Besides hiring, the second biggest hurdle for most organizations is employee development. As industries and markets evolve, so too do organizations. Keeping employees trained on current best-practices and investing in continual development boosts both employee morale and the bottom-line.

Talent Management Competency Development & Implementation:

Employee Learning & Development
Management Assessment

HEG sees the whole process through by: a) developing competencies for each role in the organization, b) establishing rating scales to assess candidates c) creating interview questions and d) implementing training for new employees.


The Human Emergence Group leverages competencies and transformational leadership tools and approaches to help develop organizations become intentionally emergent with employees who expand their possibilities and contribute to achieving the organization’s mission, vision, and objectives.

The talent management processes we focus on include:

  • Hiring
  • Executive Development
  • Employee Development
  • Competency Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Training
  • Learning and Development


HEG’s executive coaching, referred to as Emergent Coaching, integrates the best and latest insights from human emergence technologies and the neuroscience of human learning and development. Our executive coaching program incorporates theories and methodologies associated with Adlerian, developmental, and existential psychology/philosophy; leadership and group process theory; and organizational transformation.

Type of Coaching:

Leadership & Management
Problem Solving

C-Level Coaching

Our main goal is to help CEO’s and other chief executives make a greater difference in their world, succeed more effectively, and change their internal behaviors and beliefs. Lasting ongoing change is emphasized.

Leadership/Management Coaching

The primary focus of coaching organizational leaders and managers is to give them the guidance that will allow them to fully harness their leadership/management skills, make a bigger impact on those they are leading/managing, and move their careers forward.

Problem-Solving Coaching

Often, even those in their desired positions face challenges that they must overcome in order to excel the way they wish. Problem-solving coaching is aimed at solving the problems that are interfering with job growth and/or job performance.

Development Coaching

Many people (highly skilled jobs especially), have the expertise, skillset, and competence to perform their duties at a high-level but are lagging in other areas. Development coaching focuses on developing skills and behaviors to progress at the workplace and beyond by helping people understand how to deal with other people (interpersonal ability).

Career Coaching

Career coaching might be more popular now than ever before with many people trying to find what career is best for them. HEG’s career coaching uses our understanding of behavioral competencies and social emotional intelligence to assess what it is that best fits a person’s motivations, personality and desires.

Sales Coaching

HEG has a special program specifically designed for those in sales. Our comprehensive Advantage 4 Sales Program (or A4S), is geared to give salespeople the knowledge, understanding, and skills to maximize their performance and results.



  • Ideal State Action Planning
  • CARE Profile Training
  • Conflict Profile Training
  • Personality Profile Training
  • Social Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Corporate Workshop
  • Lunch & Learn Workshops


Over the last 30 years, our speakers have been featured on Good Morning America, the Today show, Oprah, ABC’s 20/20, CBS, FOX TV and at companies and conferences nationwide to share their expertise in relationships, emotional intelligence, human development, and social psychology. HEG’s partnership with the Wright Foundation and the Wright Graduate University gives us access to a valuable network of thought leaders, business executives, and academics from multiple walks of life. We take pleasure in sharing our knowledge and network with our partner-clients.