SEI for IT Professionals: Understanding Internal Clients’ Needs through Personality Style and Service Training

A Human Emergence Group Case Study

This global corporation was experiencing difficulty having the IT staff interface with the other functions of the firm, leading to firm-wide complaints.

Upon studying the situation, it became clear that there were two main problems:

  • The Information Technology function did not have a service ethos and
  • They universally lacked social emotional intelligence (SEI).

A quick solution with little budget was needed, so we provided two services which led to very satisfied customers:

  • Developed and delivered a seminar on service that the training function could deliver in the future if they wished; and
  • Provided a basic personality style assessment training to bridge the SEI deficit quickly.

As a result of the training each IT staff person understood his or her style and was increasingly able to understand and respond appropriately to the perceived personality requirements of what came to be defined as internal clients.

The complaints diminished dramatically and the IT function was more fully integrated into the firm.