Managerial Success Standards: Alignment and Skills Training, and Key Executive Coaching

A Human Emergence Group Case Study

Growing at break-neck speed and identified as one of Chicago’s fastest growing and most desirable consulting firms, this ideologically-driven technology firm lacked consistent management development standards to bring alignment across its practices. In particular, managers were inconsistent in hard skills such assessing department functioning and reporting effectively, and in soft skills including social emotional intelligence and team building.

At the same time, the outgoing CEO was doubting the fitness of his most likely successor. HEG’s engagement unfolded in two distinct phases.

We studied their culture, helped them articulate the skills they wanted to be universally applied, and adapted what was then our one-year management training program to their needs. We delivered monthly ½ day trainings in hard and soft skills to their top managers.

Having participated in most of these classes, the outgoing CEO shared his concern about his potential successor and asked us to coach him. We provided weekly coaching and training to develop his readiness and sensitivities for the position. Ten years later that successor has led the firm to explosive growth, causing the firm to receive many accolades.

In addition, several of the company’s employees have engaged us for sales training, including two of their top four salespeople, one of whom has grown his sales to more than double any other individual in the firm.