Building a Culture of Selling by Serving:
Training, Trainer Development, and Support Materials for Company-Wide Ideal State Action Planning

A Human Emergence Group Case Study

This rapidly-growing, mission-driven e-commerce firm wanted an even stronger service ethos with a clear service methodology to be used universally. To that end, we performed an Ideal State Action Planning (ISAP) process with the CEO from the perspective of mission realization and his current initiatives. We then performed ISAPs with selected executives from sales, account management, architecture, business analytics, and project delivery.

It was determined that the ISAP process itself would be the skill that the firm would use to deliver even more effective service. HEG delivered a series of trainings that have become a standard practice of their service model from sales to ongoing account empowerment. Before and after those trainings, we coached key individual executives as well as teams in applying the methodology to their functions. We also created a workbook, demo videos, discussion guide, and support material for trainers so they would be able to use the training on demand in the future.

With your company, we will perform similar Ideal State Action Planning individually and in groups. We will identify present state strengths and weaknesses in light of the your mission.

From this we will come to agreement on an initial action plan, possibly to develop a universal set of training competencies with application rubrics for three levels of trainer from early stage to middle and advanced. We will then deliver initial trainings and follow-up outcome evaluations, refine offerings, and deliver the outcome you desire.

Optimal trainer development is not, however, in our opinion, a function of a one-time training on competencies but a combination of individual support as well as group sharing and support around specified skill application. To that end, we stand ready to support the ongoing deployment, refinement, and emerging mastery of these competencies among trainers as you wish.